The Bridge

Music and the creative arts constitute a large part of the fabric and happiness of our lives, however, yet our educational system often marginalises them, in favour of the more ‘valuable’ subjects like English, Maths and Science. Our young people are increasingly pressured to achieve outstanding results in these subjects and in so doing suffocating their creative minds.

Through our flagship project for the young people in London called The Bridge, we want to nurture that creative side of our young people, because we strongly believe that music is not only valuable on its own, but it also has the potential to improve a young person’s performance in other subjects.

We believe that music transforms a person into better learner and here is why: leaning to play an instrument requires a lot of discipline and practice, skills we believe can be transferred to all the other subjects and consequently improving the young person’s overall performance in his or her education.

Through music, we have seen tremendous increase in the confidence levels of our beneficiaries, those who came to us so vulnerable and disengaged are now very engaged and good team players because they have been learning with people different to them. They have harnessed to art of playing together and learning as a group. 

We have also seen their creativity growing because most of them have now come up with their own compositions and what we are looking to do next is to open a recording studio for them so that they can learn how to process, produce and finalise their own music. 

Creative and performing arts also positively affects the physical and mental wellbeing of many young people by building their confidence and causing them to relax, while being inspired and challenged, despite their day to day issues. We therefore encourage the young people to pursue music, drama and art as careers because contrary to many, we believe that they can irk a living out of these professionals – especially if they are passionate about these disciplines – which continue to make significant contribution to the UK economy.

he main objective of this project is to bring young people together, helping them to build strong and meaningful relationships amongst each other. Here, kids are encouraged to engage in music by learning how to play various musical instruments like Keyboard/Piano, Drums, Guitar, trumpet, saxophone etc.

With our young people engaged in playing musical instruments, they are  disengaged them from merely playing their video games or even engaging in crime related activities – all this helps them to gain new skills that will better their livelihood.

 In the future, we are looking at introducing dancing – with emphasis on choreographing impressive routines for the young people in the dance , music and the arts.

 We also do voice training for those who desire to sing in a choir and we are always working towards performances like Christmas Carol services and other community festival productions where the young people can showcase their talents to their parents and family. Most of them are already singing in church choirs at least every Sunday.

Overall, this project helps our young people to disengage from crime related activities by channelling their energies into musical and creative arts – skills that are guaranteed to better their education and livelihoods. 

Our ultimate goal is to form an ensemble and orchestra that will one day be a formidable force in the city of London and beyond.