Jonathan Kamya

Jona’s chief motivation is to help everyone at whatever station of life they may find themselves – by challenging them to be more, do more and have more in their lives and their communities.

Jonathan is a Deputy Headteacher at Hendon in London – UK.  He has a passion to see improved standards of education where ever he goes. He has held seminars in Kampala – Uganda where he has trained teachers from Central Uganda and even reached out to our teachers in rural Kyeizoba – where he has transported them, accommodated and fed them whilst in Kampala. The thinking and mode Operandi of these teachers has not remained the same after their perspectives on their profession has been challenged by Jonathan’s training sessions.

He is very passionate about educating the rural child, hence the reason he has on one of his travels to Uganda traversed the country all the way to Rukungiri district on a fact-finding mission to see for himself how the school operates and the challenges it faces. On this journey, he took with him pairs of shoes for the kids and since the majority of them had never put on shoes, the excitement was immeasurable.

He and his family have generously contributed to the teachers’ salaries and scholastic materials and continue to be supporters of this great vision.