Welcome to our Child Sponsorship Drive

We are appealing to all of you who feel moved to invest in the future of a child.

You can consider a monthly donation that will go a long way in giving a child in rural Africa a break from the claws of poverty – which are a hindrance to education since most parents cannot afford to send their kids to a decent school. And so your help in this regard can turn around a child’s life forever. This could open the flood gates of blessings to you, your family and posterity.

Kyeizoba Academy uniform, scholastic materials, medical and food requirements for pupils

So you are free to contribute under the following categories:

  • Initial cost towards uniform – £10/ $12/ 40K UGX

Other items per Term per child

  • School fees – £30/ $40/130K UGX
  • Scholastic Materials – £6/$7/30K UGX
  • Food – £12/$15/50K UGX

You could also contribute to salaries for the teachers and other support staff – currently, our staff bill is at £700/$900/3.4m UGX.

Please visit our Donations page to register your giving.

What you can expect from us

We will send you a welcome pack via email the name, background, and photo of the child(ren) assigned to you so that you can follow their progress throughout their time at Kyeizoba Academy. You and the child will then be able to exchange correspondences and you will be free to send them any gifts that you may deem necessary and appropriate. 

If sponsoring a child is a prospect that interests you, then please kindly get in touch with us through our Contact us page and we will be happy to help set you up.

Building Project

As you may have seen on Our initiatives page, we have embarked on a building project because we want to give the children a better and modern learning environment. Please feel free to contribute toward this project by visiting our Donations page.

Other methods for donating

1. By cheque

 Alternatively, if you reside in the UK, you are free to donate by cheque and if   this is your preference, please kindly make cheques payable to: 

                                 City of Refuge Foundation

2. Direct Transfer (BACS)

You can also directly transfer your gift via online banking under the following details:

                  Account name: City of Refuge Foundation 

                  Sort Code: 20-45-45  Account no: 50845957

Like someone once said, ‘When it comes to charity; many people stop at nothing…….’ Thank God you are one of them.

We appreciate your generosity for it helps us to make a difference and thank you for being part of the team.

Download our Standing Order Mandate Form

God richly bless you.