Kyeizooba Academy kids at end of year Assembly

A good foundation for any child’s future is formed by a great Primary education. Yet this fundamental need continues to elude many brilliant young children in Africa. That means fewer teachers, doctors, pilots or engineers in the future. So when you make a quality decision to skip some of your favorite drinks or snacks, you could get involved in City of Refuge Foundation by contributing to a child’s primary education and together we will have made a long-lasting impact not only in one child’s life but an entire family and community.

We run a Kyeizoba Community Academy in Kyeizoba, Rukungiri in rural southwestern Uganda – where we currently educate over 150 children and still counting. The education they receive here is of a high standard, where we have sourced very good teachers and aim to provide the kids with quality facilities.

Kids enjoy the sun at break time

The future of over 90 percent of kids born in rural Africa is already determined by the circumstances around which they brought up. Unlike their age mates in urban Africa, majority of them will never see the inside of a classroom, they will never learn to read or write and will, therefore, have no credentials with which to compete in the modern labor market.

Kids receive porridge at break time

However, it is important to note that today’s political and economic landscape in Africa is still dominated by a cohort of an aging demographic that grew up in rural Africa but had the chance to go to school because their parents could almost afford it. And even then most of these people had a chance because some missions and the then governments offered some scholarships to them.

Digging Foundation of the first-ever permanent block at KCA

Today, poverty levels are very high and parents are unable to provide their children with good education. That is where we came in and started this school in 2009. Ours has been a slow but sure journey with the input of a few individuals especially from Rev. Reuben Guma the vision bearer who has over the years single-handedly paid the teachers and staff salaries until a year ago when some partners like Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kamya (UK), Charif Martins and Sandy (US),  began to lighten his burden by contributing towards this bill.

With the help of these partners, we embarked on our first-ever permanent structure for that the kids can have better facilities.

We started with a 3 classroom block, so as to free space from the local church structure which could no longer accommodate the growth in the schools’ population.

To God’s glory, we managed to get it from the ground and complete almost half of it as shown in the image below.

Although it was unfinished, this did not deter the children from entering and using the building. Some classes are already being held in the new premises and both the kids and teachers are super excited.

Kids attend classes in partially completed classroom

In tandem with the classroom block, we also dug and built new toilet facilities for the kids. Right now, we need to finish the rest of the building so we enlarge our capacity. Our goal is to build 7 more blocks – a project which will increase our capacity and more so enable us to provide more facilities like a fully stocked library, an ICT laboratory, a dining room, and administration offices.

First toilet completed by the Czech team

Please lookout for a budget and an artistic impression of KCA in the near future. This is a very expensive venture but one that is worth it and we believe that there are many of you out there that would want to help us make a life long impact in these children’s lives and their community.

The Czech Republic Team

We want to thank God for Brother Daniel Hejzlar and the entire team from the Czech Republic who took the entire school project to a whole new level. They found the building project stalled and they went ahead to complete the first block which was only halfway complete.

Daniel and Diana on site
Czech team pause for a photo with Mr. and Mrs. Rwabugarame and Godfrey their son
Czech team building second block

They then went ahead to start a new one that will have 5 classrooms in it and so far they have completed two of those – this was a tremendous push and we are forever grateful to them. They also helped design an architectural plan for the entire school

Czech Team painting classroom
Kids receiving Pens
Kids receiving scholastic materials
Kids assemble in front of first block
The first block completed and awaiting glass in the windows
Part of the second block
Proposed sit plan for the School

Current project

Another Educational project we intend to do alongside the medical project in early 2020. Education Project. We will be taking stationery and some books to the pupils at Kyeizooba Community Academy. As the year progresses, we will also be looking to contribute towards the completion of one of the building structures so capacity at the school can be increased.

Alongside this project, we will also taking sanitary towels for young girls and we will hold sessions for where we will be educating young women about their worth, value, their bodies and how to take care of their bodies.

So why don’t you get involved by visiting our donation page right now!