Why we Exist

CORF was established to help find solutions to the extreme needs facing the Black and minority ethnic groups (BMEs) in the UK, and also the people in rural Africa. Following extensive community-based research and surveys, it was evident that poverty, poor health and lack of education were among the main contributors to the low life expectancy for the communities in which we operate – these have widened the social-economic gap between the marginalized and the rest of the society.

Our Vision

What we see is spiritually, socially and economically empowered people able to achieve their God-given purposes in life.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide opportunities for the less privileged and to rebuild the livelihoods of the marginalized.
We strive to bring the necessary and basic amenities into their proximity.

Our Values

The following statement outlines the core values that will define and drive the culture that all our Trustees, staff and volunteers must embrace:

  • A commitment to sharing God’s saving love and power with people from all walks of life, in every community we will operate so that they may receive God’s grace.
  • A commitment to Integrity so that all our programs are conducted in an honest, transparent and ethical manner.
  • A commitment to empowerment, wherein all our areas of operation, we seek to do more than just provide solutions to the problems at hand. Rather we aim to empower the communities to learn how to improve and sustain their new realities.
  • A commitment to community and partnerships, whereby we will work in community and partnership with other organisations and local and international stakeholders like churches, schools, and missionary groups so that together we can achieve more.
  • A commitment to pursuing excellence in everything that we do in our bid to accomplish our mission by doing things well.

Our Objectives

  • to provide access to quality and affordable and bespoke education.
  • To enable the provision of affordable health care. 
  • Facilitate the provision of clean water and better sanitation.
  • improve the livelihoods of the slum dwellers and homeless
  • to facilitate the development of affordable and decent housing facilities for slum-dwellers, re-housing abandoned children and displaced persons.
  • to promote equality awareness and gender protection
  • To empower the poor both socially and economically through sustainable income generation programs.
  • To build the capacity of community-led organisations and facilitate partnerships and networking among them.
  • Promote volunteering programs.